Start time: 9.30am
Briefing: 9.20am

Please note: There is a new ramp leading to the subway under the Waione Street Bridge.


Start on Marine Parade outside Race HQ and head towards the river. Make a left turn onto Hikoikoi footpath and continue until you reach Waione Street. Turn right on to the footpath and just before the bridge go down the ramp leading to the subway under the Waione Street pipe bridge. As you come out the other side, continue straight ahead on the track and then turn right on to the stop bank. Follow the stop-bank (goes through Shandon golf course) until it reaches Bracken Street. Cross Bracken Street and then go around Sladden Park. Go under the Railway Bridge and go straight ahead on the gravel path. Pass under Ewen Bridge and turn back to take the asphalt ramp on the left up onto Ewen Bridge on the north side. Cross Ewen Bridge and turn left on to the stopbank heading north. Stay on top of the stopbank until you reach Melling Bridge/Harvey Norman (take care crossing two car park entrance roads). Turn left down the path just before Melling Bridge (where there is a drink stop) and then turn left and go south along the trail, passing under the Ewen Bridge and Ava Rail Bridge and then under the Waione Street pipe bridge on the boardwalk. Take a hard left up on to the Waione Street bridge and continue across the bridge towards Petone and along the footpath until you turn left on to the gravel path (where you previously ran at the start). Where the path meets Marine Parade go straight ahead until you turn right onto the track and then along the stopbank to the end of McEwan Park. Turn back on the park to the finish.



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